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Discover Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an excellent activity for both boys and girls.  It is ideal for developing a child’s balance, basic motor skills and coordination.

Gymnastics is the name for a whole range of different Gymsports, or disciplines. These include those Gymsports you may have seen on television at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games such as Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (the one where the men show super human strength on Rings and the women do somersaults on the Beam), Rhythmic Gymnastics (the one where they throw a ball, hoop or clubs in the air while doing a astounding leap, and catch it), and Trampoline (where they jump as high as the roof).

Gymnastics also includes Acrobatic (think amazing pyramids) and Aerobic Gymnastics (LOTS of energy), as well as Gymnastics for All - an all-encompassing gymnastics discipline for people of all ages, gender and ability. 

Which will you try?