Georgia Conway

I began Rhythmic Gymnastics when I was 9 years old. I started RG because many girls at my school either did dancing, acrobatics or artistic gymnastics. At this club, the coaches saw that I had big potential for RG, so they added me to their RG group. I instantly fell in love with the sport as it was something completely new to me and something I had never seen before. Since joining LRG, I have travelled to and competed in Hawaii and Belgium, been selected for the Shooting Starts program by Danni Prince, attended multiple Team Future Camps and have now been selected for the NSW High Performance program. I am still currently working hard on my own journey as an Elite gymnast, and a big long-term goal of mine is to be on the Australian National Team and to represent my country at international competitions.

Sophie Del Popolo

We were watching the Olympic Games in London 2012, I saw the RG and thought it was beautiful, I asked Mum and Dad if I could try it.

They got in contact with Dani Le Ray and I started when I was 6 years old.​

My favourite things are being able to express myself through body movements and apparatus.

Being able to challenge myself in different apparatus, seeing a difficult move and wanting to try it.​

I would like to represent my country at the Olympics in 2024 or 2028

Inspire other younger girls to follow their dreams and support younger gymnasts like the older girls have done for me.

Karolina Grinko

I started Rhythmic Gymnastics when I was four and a half years old. My sister was doing it and I really wanted to try it out.

When I finally did I instantly fell in love with the sport and that’s when I knew that I’m going to continue.

My biggest achievement was becoming NSW Sate Champion in 2018.

I aim to represent Australia in the Commonwealth Games one day and do NSW proud.

Ella Chapman

I started Rhythmic Gymnastics when I was 9, but before that I did ballet, dance and artistic gymnastics. A family friend introduced me to the sport, and I’ve loved it ever since. It felt like a perfect fit for me, a balance between grace and athleticism. One of my favourite and most memorable experiences was competing in Maui in 2017 with some of my closest friends. Competing in Senior International has been a very challenging but refreshing experience and has helped me to improve and develop my skills, strength and confidence as an athlete. My goals for the future are to represent Australia at an international competition and to later become a coach and help other gymnasts to grow and improve.

Charlotte Wong

I started gymnastics since I was 4 years old – I originally started with artistic gymnastics because my sister was doing it competitively, but a fews years later I saw rhythmic gymnastics at my school and I wanted to try it! I am constantly trying to achieve new skills and challenge the expectations I have of myself, but my goal for the upcoming season is to increase my apparatus technique and difficulty. My biggest achievement to date would be my selection onto the Australian team to compete in Singapore, and more recently placing first overall at my first European tournament in Montenegro!